50+ WhatsApp Dare Games, WhatsApp Puzzles Question and Answer

WhatsApp Dare Games
WhatsApp Dare Games

Nowadays, from 8s to 80, almost everyone is using WhatsApp to connect and interact with friends, relatives, and colleagues via chatting, video/voice calls, multimedia messages, and groups. Each and every day you receive more messages from your friends and family members, among those few of them are private messages and the remaining are forward messages such as quotes, sayings, images, videos and solving puzzles and dare games. Are you looking for the collection of WhatsApp Dare Games and Puzzle Question and answer? Then you’ve landed at the right place! In this article, we are going to provide you 50+ WhatsApp Dare Games, Whatsapp Puzzles Question, and Answer which you can send to your friends and prank them.

WhatsApp Dare Games
WhatsApp Dare Games

Send WhatsApp Dare Games, WhatsApp Puzzles Online

Apart from being used as the instant messaging app, WhatsApp is also being used for solving puzzles and riddles. And nowadays, almost all WhatsApp users are being active in any of the WhatsApp group, which can be between their family members, friends or colleagues. If you are a member of the friend’s group in WhatsApp, you might notice a lot of puzzle games, truth and dare games in WhatsApp. Why don’t you ask yourself and make fun of your friends?

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Here is the collection of all-new dare games! Get started to send these questions to your friends and have fun!

Truth and Dare Questions to Ask

Truth and Dare
Truth and Dare
  • The first thing you notice in a person when you meet them for the first time.
  • Will you kill anyone if you get permission? If yes, Who is that person?
  • What is your crazy dream?
  • The quality you like the most in yourself?
  • The quality you'd like to change in yourself?
  • What do you like in me?
  • The thing you don't like in me
  • On your interest, the person you like to marry.
  • Your Best Friend.
  • What is your opinion on me?
  • The most important person in your life?

WhatsApp Slam Book – Ask Your Friends to Fill Out This!

My contact name in your phone?

Answer: ___________________

The nick name you want to give me?

Answer: ____________________

Things you like most in me?

Answer: _____________________

Color that suits me?

Answer: _____________________

Relation status you want to be with me? (No cheating)

Answer: _____________________

The thing you like most in my character?

Answer: _____________________

The thing you hate in my attitude?


Which type of dresses suits me most?

Answer: ____________________

Dedicate a song for our relationship?

Answer: ____________________

Rate my WhatsApp profile picture out of 100?

Answer: _____________________

Share this WhatsApp dare message and see what your friends think about you.

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WhatsApp Dare Games for High IQ Friends

Share this message with your friend and ask to solve the puzzle.

Puzzle 1:

Say me 20 words in English that do not contain the letter "A"

Reply must.

Puzzle 2:

"6" is afraid of "7". Can you say why?

Puzzle 3:

Vijay and Vinay are twins born in March. But their birthday is in August. How?

Puzzle 4:

A young girl was found dead on the first day of her college near the class premises
The police suspect 4 people.

Principal claims he was in the office.

Physics Teacher claims he was giving his students grades.

Attender claims he was arranging books in the library.

Cleaner claims she was cutting the grass in the playground.

So who was the murderer?

Puzzle 5:

I am a 9 letter word.

I am the exact opposite to "active" and "neighborly".

I contain the word "over"

I cannot begin with a consonant.


Puzzle 1:

One, Two, Three ..................... Twenty

Puzzle 2:

"7" is very hungry.  Seven (7) ate (8) nine(9). 
So next nearest to the left of 7 is "6".

Puzzle 3:

March is the name of the town.

Puzzle 4:

Physics teacher (He can't give the grades on the first day of college)

Puzzle 5:

9 letter word is "Introvert"

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WhatsApp Dare Questions for Best Friends

Dare 1: Select one from the below list. Reply must.

Marry me.

I want to be your crush.

Dance with me in the rain.

Take me to a movie.

Best Friends.


Take me to a long drive.

Be with me forever.

Search for a crush suits me.

Don't talk to me again.

WhatsApp Dare Naughty Messages 

Dare 2: Choose any triple number from the list and I will show you, Who You Are. Reply Fast!!

  1. 000
  2. 111
  3. 222
  4. 333
  5. 444
  6. 555
  7. 666
  8. 777
  9. 888
  10. 999


000 Handsome

111 Lovely & Caring

222 Silent killer

333 True lover

444 Cheater

555 Sex Addict

666 Heart Breaker

777 Proud And Sweet

888 Lazy In Bed

999 Hard Worker

Dare 2: Choose a ❤ from the given below and I will send you a dare for the selected.❤ Please note that you can’t revert back from the dare if you choose to play.

❤1 ❤2 ❤3 ❤4 ❤5 ❤6 ❤7 ❤8 ❤9 ❤10


❤1 Be My BF/GF for 1 day

❤2 Use My Photo as your WhatsApp DP

❤3 Reveal your relationship status – Single or committed?

❤4 What do you like the most in me?

❤5 Rate my look from 1 to 10

❤6 Propose me

❤7 Kiss Me

❤8 What Kind of Relationship do you expect from me?

❤9 What qualities do you search for your life partner?

❤10 Tell me the name of your GF/BF

WhatsApp Smiley Dare Messages

Dare 1: Select any one…n get ready for a dare













?> Recharge me with rs 100..

?> write your name and my name in yur status

?> Tell me one thing you have never told anyone

?> Send me ur crush photo

?> Send me ur cutest pic

?> Send me a funny video

?> Put your status for a day saying “I am mad”

?> Make our combined picture in ur dp for 1 day

?> Be my slave  for 2 days.

?> Call me and say my name in a loud voice!

?> Tell me ur any 1 secret

Dare 2: Confession game….So confess anything that you always wanted to tell me but were not able to?? Reply must!

1❤= long relationship with love

2?= another chance

3?= a long smooch

4?= icecream party

5?= as a friend with benefits

6?= true and best friendship

7?= a movie together

8?= slow dance with me

9?= long drive

10?= one song for me

11?= date me

12?= rain dance togeather

13♋= wanna make passionate love

14?= I wanna be your GF/BF

15⛄= a big tight hug

16?= one shayri

17?= will u marry me

18?= wnt u back in lyf

19?= chilling together

20?= gift

21 ?=a prank with me

22 ?:Go shoping with me

24?= Be a loving brother or sister

WhatsApp Dare Messages For Friends

Dare 1: Choose any one number from 1 to 10.


Send me your cutest picture.

Rs 500 recharge to my mobile number.

Dance on any song and send me that video.

What would you want our relation to be?

Send me a voice note saying you love me.

Take a picture of yourself & send it to me now.

Send me your photo that shows the least clothes on you.

Send me a picture of what you’re doing now.

What am I to you?

What’s your deepest secret?

Dare 2: Tell me one thing from the below list which you like the most in me.

I like your attitude a lot.

I like your cuteness a lot.

I like your dimples and I'm already in love with them.

I like your dressing style.

I like your sharp eyes.

I like your jealousy.

I like your lips.

I like your personality.

I like your physique.

I like your smile.

Send this message to all of your friends and if any five of your friends send you the same answer, that is your quality that your friends like more in you.

WhatsApp Dare Funny Messages

Dare 1: Select a Figure & I Will Tell U about Ur Life Partner’s Personality!











-5591– Boring

-1238– Beautiful

-5467– Loving

-1649– Simple

-5555– Caring

-1648– Full Of Attitude

-5346– Proud

-1515– Romantic

-5999– Talkative

Dare 2: Pick a number between 1 and 50 and I’ll dare you according to the selected number.

  • Give a rose to your crush.
  • Buy me an iPhone X.
  • What do you think about me?
  • Bring me a glass of water.
  • Gift me something when we meet next time.
  • Biryani Party.
  • Selfie with your parents and send it to me.
  • Recharge my mobile number for 1oo Rs.
  • Cry like a baby.
  • Message your Facebook password.
  • Let's go for a walk.
  • Selfie with me.
  • Send any 5 pictures of you.
  • Uninstall your WhatsApp for 24 hours.
  • Send any voice note to me.
  • Buy me any gift you like.
  • Plan a surprise for me.
  • Give a nickname to me.
  • Don't message me for the next 4 days.
  • Long ride with me.
  • Buy a watch for me.
  • Write about me in your WhatsApp Status.
  • Send the screenshots or your last 3 WhatsApp conversations(Don't include mine)
  • Download my WhatsApp DP and use the same for your DP.
  • Wear the smallest dress you had, take a selfie and send it to me.
  • Call me and talk for 1 hour.
  • Block me on WhatsApp for 2 days.
  • Send a message saying "I Miss You" to any 5 contacts. If they respond. 
    Play the same dare with them
  • Rate my DP out of 10.
  • Take a picture of your location and send it to me.
  • Mass dance for a sad song, record it and send it to me.
  • Change your WhatsApp status saying you are in love with me.
  • Call me and make annoying sounds.
  • A selfie with me when we meet next time.
  • Give me a hug for 2 minutes.
  • Shout me like your dad.
  • Make a monkey face and send a picture to me.
  • Send any funny message to your best friend.
  • Don't bath for the next 2 days.
  • Let's date.
  • Send me your cute picture.
  • Imagine your pillow as me and do whatever you want.
  • Call me and speak something.
  • Put a WhatsApp story with my picture and describe our character.
  • Make a call to customer care and talk nonsense for 10 minutes.
  • Sing your favorite song and send it as a voice note.
  • Slap yourself and record it.
  • Who is your crush?
  • Don't sleep for an entire night.
  • Wear the same clothes for 2 days without washing.

WhatsApp Puzzle Questions and Answers

Dare 1: Fill it up?

  1. How we met:
  2. My name on your phone:
  3. Who I am to you:
  4. One word that describes me:
  5. What you dislike about me:
  6. First impression:
  7. Current impression
  8. Do you trust me:

Send it to your friends and get amazing replies but reply me first ?? I will put on my story…

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Dare 2: Smartness test to you. If you can answer all these 5 questions, I will add your image to my WhatsApp story saying you are the smartest person. No cheating. You should not use Google. If you cheat, our friendship will break in the next 7 days. Top 5 tough questions to answer.

What is the largest freshwater lake in the world?

In which place the Sea of Tranquility located?

Lexicon has another word do can you tell me that name?

What is the seventh planet from the sun?

Rabies vaccination was invented by whom?


Lake Superior.

The Moon.



Louis Pasteur.

Trending WhatsApp Dare Games

Dare for Q1: Take a picture by wearing the same color dress; 
and place it as your WhatsApp display picture.

Dare for Q2: Give that chocolate whenever we met next time.

Dare for Q2: Book tickets for us whatever movie is playing in that theater.

Dare for Q4: Send me the last episode of that show.

Dare for Q5: Take me to that place at midnight.

Dare for Q6: Take me to ice cream parlor and buy your favorite ice-cream for me.

Dare for Q7: Place that picture as your WhatsApp display picture for three days.

Dare for Q8: Make a call to him/her and say "I'm in Love with someone"

Dare for Q9: You have to give the book you like the most as a bday gift to me.

Dare for Q10: Place their picture as your Whatsapp display picture; 
along with a status of “I Love you, Darling."

Give a Dare Try to Your Friends!

So Friends, how were these WhatsApp Dare Games and Puzzle? I hope you loved them all! If you have some other WhatsApp puzzle games with answers and dare games, please share with us. You can also give some idea about Funny WhatsApp Dare Questions too. I will add it to this collection. Also, share this article with your friends on Facebook & WhatsApp. Stay tuned to BulkQ for future updates!